Winter's Passage (Iron Fey #1.5)

Winter's PassageWinter's Passage by Julie Kagawa
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a short story that can be downloaded for free till the end of this month at the author's website - and I don't know why is selling it already for 2$ and change if it's still free.

It takes place right after The Iron King and deals with Meghan and Ash's journey to the Winter Court. Meghan is upholding her contract and acquiesced to follow Ash to see the Winter Queen, Mab, but she asks Ash for a slight detour to see Puck, who is unconscious but recovering inside a tree of the dryads, after being shot in the battle with the Iron King. They are being chased by a mythical and terrible creature who turns out to be none other than.... well, read and see but it was pretty hilarious to me. I was, like: "Seriously?"

I was a bit annoyed by the quite extensive recap of the events of the previous book, which I know sometimes is necessary but annoyed me nonetheless, especially because I had just finished reading The Iron King. Finally, once again, even in this short story, I was struck by a deja vu right out of the 80s and I am wondering if Kagawa is doing this on purpose or not. The scene where the Hunter reaches Ash and Meghan in the cave reminded me very much of The Neverending Story, when Atreiu/Ash encounters the wolf.... is it just me?!

Interesting to read to "fill in the gaps".

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