Hard Bitten

Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, #4)Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gosh, am I pissed with this book. Angry. Could I go back and choose I wouldn't even read it now. I would wait and pick it up together with Drink Deep in November.

Neill, you cannot possibly bore me for almost 200 pages and then drop the bomb 10 pages from the back cover. I feel betrayed and irritated because this screams very much like a mean marketing strategy. This isn't even a cliffhanger. This is what cliffhangers hang on. Do I make sense? Probably not.

You know, of the people who read this one, who is NOT going to buy Drink Deep? Nobody, that's who. Even me, who thought that 80 % of the book was boring. How can I leave it like that?

So, first part, as I said, was slow for me. Too much politics, too much investigation and detective story. I was not into the V intrigue and fairly pissed at the appearance of Claudius. CLAUDIUS? How original for a centuries-old, bad vampire coming from Europe. Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer did not think of that before. I'm not saying that the plot wasn't interesting but it dragged on for tooo long. Where is my favorite character ever in this book? Where is Mallory??? We just see glimpses of her in this book and they're all pretty senseless, hinting at loose ends and future development.

Actually this is the book of loose ends, no closure whatsoever with anybody. "Unresolved" should be the title of this book. Except for one character, who I hope never to see again, the rest is all hanging in the air, waiting for next book to come out and give readers some peace of mind. This is maybe the reason Neill is coming out with two books this year. The risk of harassment and stalking would have been pretty high, had she left us with our mouths hanging open till next year.

Now about the final 10 pages. I knew a big jaw dropper was coming, impossible not to know with all the reviews out these days and Neill herself stating to trust her, that everything was planned. KNOWING a jaw-dropper was around the corner - even though, again, I did not expect it ten pages from end, you little sly, mean author - I had kind of guessed what that would be. The hints were there, Ethan was becoming too much Knight-in-a-shining-armor, he was groveling too much. Usually, when one of the characters, in a book where nothing interesting happens, says, "Rest assured, I will love you forever", that person has a good chance of dying. Plus, the whole Apex prophecy of the green eyes like Ethan but not quite like his did not leave much space to other options. Unless Merit was getting pregnant and, Bella-like, giving birth to little Ethans. Unlikely. Thank God.

Now, the question is: what's next? what will be the strategy, the loophole, that is going to solve the big mess the last pages left us in? Neill, you said everything is already planned, you better make it convincing for us, because fantasy has a limit as well and I don't want to waste my time waiting for a far-fetched lame excuse for a HEA.

So three stars and waiting for November.

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I can't freaking wait till November. I'll eat my own hand for an ARC of Drink Deep.


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