Tracking the Tempest (Jane True #2)

Tracking the Tempest (Jane True, #2)Tracking the Tempest by Nicole Peeler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm already halfway through the third installment while writing this review so I'll just make some quick considerations and go back to Tempest's Legacy and my work in progress.

Strong points:

-This series is seriously addictive. Considering three books are already published and the fourth is coming out soon, I just could not let the next book be. I have to know what happens. Especially in the romance department, I think all readers who, like me, have gone through this series, at this point were just waiting for the serious hooking up to happen.

-I just love the sense of humor and the pop culture references in this book. I am aware many people might find it idiotic but then shut this book and go read War and Peace for god's sake. This is, as I already said in my previous review of this series, Urban Fantasy that actually makes fun of its own clichés and doesn't take itself too seriously.

-Jane is a great character. I love the way she doesn't know what she is doing most of the time ("I've always been of the turn tail and flee persuasion"), how she is easily sidetracked by her own romantic thoughts and libido ("I wanted to pass Iris notes signed Jane Barghest. I wanted to write ANYAN LOVES JANE on my geography book, if I were still in geography classes. I wanted to play MASH with him as my only "husband" option".) but I also love how her character is developing or to use her words once more "I still had a lot to learn, but I was really, really excited to grow into the woman I glimpsed lurking on the horizon"

And then this gem I can't help but quote:

"The thing is Iris, I've never liked the idea of compromise. In films and in stories, people who love each other - really love each other - make horrendous sacrifices. They give kidneys, they move across the world, they DIE. Or become the undead, because you know I like that sort of book. Basically, the heroine's lover calls, and she answers. Which is stupid. You know why?
Iris shook her head.
"Because he's always fucking calling."

Weak points:

-The romance, which is also strictly tied to the third point of the above list: Jane. I grew more and more irritated with Jane in the course of this book because of the way she was handling her relationship with Ryu. I mean, we all knew that Ryu wasn't there to stay and we all know who the next beau is going to be. Still, I thought Jane was a bit of a bitch to Ryu. True, he's got his own agenda and he is not a "diamond in the rough" character (yes, we're STILL watching Aladdin) but I didn't think he deserved all the accusations that Jane threw at him, considering the fact that she is ALSO totally taking advantage of him.  I need, once again, to quote Ryu from Tempest's Legacy to express accurately what I think of Jane's behavior:
...Because I think you're using what I did to get rid of me for reasons that have nothing to do with actually happened. You say I play games. Fine, I know I do; it's who I am. But I think you do, too. You're just not aware of them. For once, be honest with yourself. Even if you can't be honest with me.
Eloquently put, she is being a bitch.

-The sense of humor and pop culture references are still there, albeit LESS. Contrary to all other fellow reviewers, I think I still like Tempest Rising slightly better than this book, as this one is a bit more in line with the classic parameters of other UF novels.

Ok my considerations weren't so quick after all. Back to Tempest's Legacy

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