Afterlife (Evernight Series)

Afterlife (Evernight, #4)Afterlife by Claudia Gray
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So this is the end of the Evernight series. Satisfying, this is my main thought at the moment.
This is a series that never made crave for the next book to come out a soon as possible, it never kept me up at night glancing at the clock and swearing for how late it was, unable to put the book down, but I liked it well enough and now that it has come to the end I'm not crying, i'm ready to let go of the characters but still satisfied.
The story is pretty well developed, structured to keep the reader interested at all times. The writing is good, smooth and unpretentious.
As for the plot, I obviously thought there would be a happy ending but I couldn't guess HOW till the very end of the book. I have to say that Gray stretches the credibility of the plot within the realm of fantasy pretty far, meaning that most characters get their cakes and eat it too Lucas gets to die, become a vampire, keeps his girlfriend as a ghost and then, since he's meditating suicide because he hates it as a vampire, by some miracle, he resurrects from death... ehm, okcoming out with jaw droppers that are barely believable and that you had no hint of whatsoever along the whole story, but ok, this is fantasy so i will accept it. The ending left me a bit, dunno, indifferent, not really warm and fuzzy as i would have expected. It is a bit bittersweet because even though we know that all's well we also know that it can't last forever. It is a HAPPILY AFTER rather than an HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
But we do know that there is a spin off series that Gray is concocting for us so that leaves a bit of hope for good things to come. After all, we have to know what happens with Balthazar and his sudden interest in the stables (really, that made me laugh pretty hard, Ms. Gray) and I think that not everything is resolved with our dear villain Charity. Balthazar is probably the real hero in the whole series, and I am kind of distressed that Bianca didn't see that actually he was the one worth pining for - but Lucas and Bianca are so Bella and Edward in this case that you just have to let them be.
I think i will check out the new book when it comes out 'cause Gray up to now has been consistent with her writing and has never let me down.

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