Darkest Mercy

Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely, #5)Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr
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I've delayed my review of Darkest Mercy for two days because I'm not sure what I want to write.
First, that i am disappointed -this is, by far, the worst in the Wicked Lovely series. And it is really a pity because, being the final installment, it kind of spoils my general impression on the series. I loved Wicked Lovely and even Ink Exchange, which was my least favorite, is better than this.
The plot is confusing to put it mildly, and there is really no action throughout all the book, save for the epic X-Men-like battle at the end.
Characters I loved, Ash, Keenan, Donia, Seth, Niall, in this book are just going around Huntsdale visiting each other and having pointless conversations, so much so that at times I couldn't even understand the reason in the economy of the plot of said conversations.

Keenan and Donia - I wanted to strangle them both. Their continuous indecisiveness got on my nerves - i could understand the problems behind their being together but their constant changes of mind were really too much, especially from Keenan. I could not feel his torment for not being able to be with Donia and it seemed to me that, if Ash had let him in her bed, he would have been more than happy about it. BUT she refuses him and, after 4 books, he finally decides he needs to be with the one he really loves and dumps Ash and the Summer Court. And Donia? Who loved him for ages, got cheated, deceived, exploited, what does she do when he goes begging to her, the dog? FORGIVES HIM! No questions asked. Not even one doubt. This is SO not how a woman should be treated or how she should react in such a situation. Bad, bad example.
Ash and Seth have somehow slightly better roles but again, Seth, big disappointment. At the end, when there is finally some action, he sits out. Like really, he is sitting in a cage reading his newspaper and smoking a ciggie. The balance to Darkness, my ass.
The only character i did probably like in this book is Far Dorcha, the Death-fey, even though i was laughing when I pictured ethereal sister Ankou hauling corpses on a van, going about the battlefield, whistling to herself.

So, Marr gave us a - rather bloody - happy ending for everybody - except poor Gabriel who went into a pointless battle, got killed and forgotten in 10 pages. Reading this book gave me closure, of which I am happy but I am VERY disappointed by the execution and the plot. I'd never have thought I'd be tempted ti skip pages on a Melissa Marr's book.

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I was pretty disappointed by this book as well. I agree on the fact that Donia took Keenan back way too easily, but I was glad they were together. Why? Because Keenad had FINALLY made a decision and I could stop wanting to throttle him. I'll never stop loving the author for making Ash choose Seth, because in any other YA book she would have chosen the mysterious, gorgeous, supernatural guy who sweeps her off her feet.
One thing I loved about this book were the Seth/Nial interactions. Although I thought the whole "I was dead wait just kidding no I'm not" trick was a bit cliché and beneath Melissa Marr. I don't like it when characters don't stay dead.


I.e. Sebastian in CoFA!
This was so not the way this series should have ended. Do you know anything about Graveminder?


Um, my brain apparently decided to rebel against me (as usual). I meant the Irial/Nial interactions. The Seth/Niall ones were pretty pointless and confusing. Do you love him or do you want to put him in a cage? Make up your mind. I know it's explained later, but it was pretty confusing to read.
And yes! Like Sebastian!
I've snooped around the blogosphere for info about Graveminder and apparently not many ARCs went out, so there isn't a lot feedback. From what I gathered on goodreads and Melissa Marr's website, it's apparently a stand-alone. I'm very curious to see how she fares with writing adult fiction.


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